“Jurnal Banda/The Banda Journal”

“Jurnal Banda/The Banda Journal”

By Muhammad Fadli, Edited by Fatris MF

We’re proud to announce that we will publish new title ‘The Banda Journal’, by the photographer Muhammad Fadli, and Fatris MF. Indonesia cannot be understood solely through formulas, economic growth, bustling markets, and cities that bloom and sprawl across the landscape. Indonesia is also full of desolate places and obscure, isolated islands—places that sometimes paint the image of an unfortunate country. Surrounded by deep and wild seas, the Banda Islands is one of those forgotten places. But contrary to its present-day condition, the tiny archipelago was in fact coveted and fought over by powerful Western countries. The reason was a rare commodity that flourished on these tiny islands—spices.

is a Sumatran born documentary and portrait photographer. Based in Jakarta, he works mostly on personal projects and editorial assignments. His photographs have been published in various international publication such as PROOF National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, 11 Freunde, Das Magazin, NEON, Der Spiegel, The Financial Times, FT Weekend Magazine, Courrier International, DestinAsian, Marie Claire, Monocle, Afar, Mare, and many more.

is a Indonesian writer based in Padang, West Sumatra. His deep affection toward Indonesian remote places and local folklores has led him to travel across the archipelago.


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