It was some portraits in bright colors by Fatris in┬ácelluloid cameras film. I use 120mm and 35mm , ISO 100-3200 (sometimes), colours, black and white negative film also, whatever. Photographic film is a strip of transparent film base coated on one side with a…hek hek hek.. …

I still use fuckin film, and I stay broke. Thank you Kodak, Ilford, Fujifilm.

Yong Krewai
Dea, A Painter, 2015 / Ichwanul Arif, A Poet, 2014 [kodak portra 400]
Rusli Marzuki Saria, penyair Indonesia peraih Southeast Asian Writers Award, Bangkok 2017
[fujifilm ASA 200]
Ery Mefri, A Dancer [Kodak Portra 400]
Historian Randi Reimena / A writer Pinto Anugrah [Fuji 400H]

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